About Thot Leader Labs

Started with some manic tweets, now we here.

Amanda Nielsen started her career in tech as an aspiring thought-leader. At the ripe age of 20-something, she is now jaded and considers herself a thot leader instead. 

Thot Leader is a catch-all term for the diverse community of professional disruptors she calls her friends.

Thot Leadership is her authentic and unapologetic take on life as a gen Z memestress, professional ✨girlboss✨, and certified baddie navigating the professional world.

Chaotic but iconic.

Once disillusioned by free beer, ping pong, and beanbag chairs in the office, Amanda was quickly worn down by the woes of startup culture and the tech industry.

A chronic over-sharer and avid social media user, she publicly coped through snark, humor, and not giving a heck — thought leadership, if you will.

Through sharing her experiences, she found camaraderie in a global community of fellow burnout victims and cynics alike.

The people called for her relatable quips to be put on shirts and as a devout public servant, she could not refuse. Thus, Thot Leader Labs was born.  

In addition to sharing her inner most thoughts on the internet, Amanda manages partnerships for a SaaS company, is a freelance consultant, speaker, and dog lover.

If my use of the word 'thot' has you clutching your pearls...

The name represents a reclamation of a derogatory phrase used against Amanda at her first corporate job and is an homage to the first of her many formative experiences as a young woman in tech.

Still not convinced? 

1. Please familiarize yourself with the phenomenon of reclaiming a derogatory term as a form of empowerment. Think, the Gen Z equivalent of calling yourself a 'bad bitch.' Or the LGBTQ+ community taking back 'queer.' 

2. If you're offended just reading the word, imagine being a 21-year-old at your first post-grad job and getting called "office thot" as a joke in a group chat of male colleagues for no reason other than being young and female in the workplace. Hence my reclamation of the word. 

3. If you haven't figured it out by now, "thot leader" is a play on "thought-leader" — you know, what those guys on LinkedIn who make clickbait-y posts with all the emojis and line breaks call themselves. 

4. If you haven't dropped your pearls yet, watch my video below.